A Cheddar man conceived his twin brother with his chin

The Public Prosecutor of Pest County has initiated the arrest of a man with a chainsaw in Göd on his twin brother.

The man on Wednesday worked with his twins on a construction site in Göd, but his brother wanted to send him home afternoon. The man grabbed a chainsaw, started it and started with his brother and hit the workaw.

The attacked brother began to retire, but fell, the saw on his arm and his back injured. But he got up and had a thick work safety glove on his hand, he grabbed the chainsaw and pulled the brakes, so the engine started to break.

With the help of this moment he ran away, but his brother chased him for a while with chainsaw in his hand and went back to the building.

The suspect was meanwhile detained by the police. The injured person suffered minor injuries on his back and arm. The fact that he had no more serious consequence of the act of the defendant was the active defense of the victim and it was due to the fact that he could escape.

A man suspected of committing a murder may have reason to fear that he will defend the witnesses freely or intimidate another crime. Therefore, according to the Prosecution, it can not be prevented by mere coercive measures only by taking the detention order. (Ministry)


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