A new function is given to Kecskemét Airport

The civilian use of the Kecskemét military airport which stationed the Gripen, according to Magyar Times, would also be used, according to which the mixed function was mainly due to the needs of Mercedes-based suppliers.

They plan to build a civil terminal at Kecskemét airport, where the Gripen hunters from the Hungarian army, fighter pilots, the air force operations center, the operational battalion, the team training squadron, the flying squadron, the air force and the logistics battalion are currently stationed in the Hungarian army. the Ministry of Defense has confirmed that the preparations for the dual use of Kecskemét airport are in progress.

The establishment of the civilian terminal – as part of the modern city program – is the responsibility of the civil servant, but this does not affect the functioning of the military base in any form whatsoever, according to the press department. However, the modernization and development of the airfields of the Hungarian defense army is being realized with NATO involvement and national resources.

Photo: AFP

According to the article, the plan for the civil use of military airports is not recent, but several studies have been carried out into the benefits of such investments, especially the large car factories (Kecskemét – Mercedes, Pápa – Audi), which offer their suppliers a cheaper alternative. for air transport in Budapest Ferenc Liszt airport demanded.

According to experts, low-cost airlines and air freight companies using Liszt Ferenc airport would opt more directly for mixed-use airports if different costs are significantly lower than Budapest airport. The double use of a military airport can be one of the means to reduce Budapest's focus.

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