a successful success has been achieved by the twin boys in Bangladesh who work with Hungarian doctors Belfeld – Hungary hrei | Szeged

The organization said it was a breakthrough in medical science for the second step in the separation of cerebral palsy, which took place in Bangladesh on August 19: a newer heretic was closed to the permanent separation of the skull from the two year old twins Rabia and Rukia possible. The first was late in February. Then the main transport network was separated.

The abnormal operation was performed on an endovascular path, that is, from the thorax of the thorax with the intracellular approach. In the preparation of the remaining interventions in Hungary, high performance through computer analysis and three-dimensional modeling, accurate adjustment of the twin brains, showed that there is still room for a shutter. This measure was carried out on August 19 under the leadership of István Hudák, one of the world's most renowned neuroscientists in Bangladesh – the organization that has been conducting regular restoration missions in Bangladesh since 2010 with the leadership of Gergely Pataki.

The foundation drew attention to the fact that even in siamese twins it is very rare, only 2 to 6 percent of cases occur in their skulls. Solving this problem is extremely difficult, with carefully designed metric lines. The method used by the Hungarian Medical Association can open up new ways to treat cerebral vascular disorders, tumors and siam twins, "the organization said.

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