A third of the fatalities in Hungary are struggling: it is difficult to get through the months

The other part of the recently published Hungarian youth study 2016, with the exception of Margó, is a sad picture of Hungarian youth. It turned out to be pessimistic and many of them struggled with financial problems – the paper was analyzed within 24 hours.

In August of this year the Hungarian youth research 2016 was released, but outside Margó another part was made, which further shifts the position of the Hungarian youth. According to this, the number of 15-29 in 2016 was 1.7 million, or 17.5 percent of the population. This is 105 728 less than during the 2011 count.

It can be stated that basic studies have become common propertybut there are others who drop out. Every twentieth young man did not even try to learn after finishing primary school – there is an increase compared to previous years.

It also appears to be the educational opportunities did not changeand in fact, gates of higher education are increasingly being closed to families with less socio-cultural capital. The higher the educational level of the father, the greater the chance that his child will go to higher education.

45 percent of young people also think that a " the standard of living of people has deteriorated over the past ten years, the economic situation of the country is seen by a third of the respondents in pessimism, 37 percent stagnation and 30 percent with improvement.

Regardless of their subjective financial situation, they can not be considered optimistic: only 7% of people between the ages of 15 and 29 are completely careless, and the percentage of people with normal arrears and financial problems is 11%. The largest group consists of people who think they are subordinate to their income, and their families are better off in this area.

But a third of the young people form the camp, where members of the severely disadvantaged financials have difficulty with the expiry of a month.


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