According to Áder, Hungary must insist on Western culture

Solemn battalion on 20 August 2018 on Kossuth Square.Photo: Tibor Illyés / MTI / MTVA

Hungary has received a "Hungarian heart and a European conscience" from King St. Stephen, President of the Republic of Hungary, János Áder, who said that our country should insist on Western culture, as announced in its festive speech on 20 August. István & # 39; s "Hungarian self-consciousness has never fought with European spirit".

President János Áder welcomed the Congregation and emphasized in his speech that Hungary belongs to Western civilization.Photo: Tibor Illyés / MTI / MTVA

István and his father, Géza, turned to Western Christianity in their struggle to unite the divided Hungarians under the rule, partly because their strongest rivals had turned to Byzantine Christianity, in the hope of Byzantium. Géza and István hoped for them from the west and received help.

After the speech of the president of the republic, officers were officially opened.Photo: Tibor Illyés / MTI / MTVA

According to Áder, István believed that we had the power to shape history. "He gathered friends, while other princes were looking for enemies and peace," he said about the ruler whose legacy was being driven by the Hungarian lords and the sons of Vazulan, an enemy of Istvan, on the throne. It is only a fate that he was interested in Béla and András István, as well as in the strengthening of the central power, so they continue their work.

The new officers celebrated sword fighting.Photo: Tibor Illyés / MTI / MTVA

"Whatever they called this state, whoever stood next to the barracks and wherever they tried to rule, the fate of the nation was formed by those who, by instinct, but consciously, but with honor, honesty and much work, Hungarians continued the tradition of St. Stephen, "said the head of state, who commemorated the horrors of the 20th century, the Holocaust, Swabian emigration, UFO and posthumous reprisals.


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