Áder: We can not be mediocre

Hungary must insist on Western culture that our Saint Stephen has committed fate – said János Áder, head of state in his festive speech on 20 August.

The President of the Republic recalled the words of Sándor Márai at the inauguration of Honorary Officers on Monday: "Hungary can only live in the new Europe and remain in quality, we can not be mediocre."

The condition for maintaining peace lies in the preservation of Western civilization

The head of state told the soldiers that the peace and security of our country can only be created in the peace and security of Europe. Hungary from St. Stephen "received a Hungarian heart and a European conscience", our first king knew that the preservation of Western civilization was a condition for maintaining peace.

The patronage and the European identity were united and the Hungarian consciousness never fought against the European spirit, "said the head of state, recalling that the founder of the state, besides the goddess, also recognized Western Christianity as belonging to the peoples of Europe. as well as the power of mutual respect.

According to János Áder, who is strengthened by this, that patriotism does not have to learn, knowing that the country can not be replaced, it is worth it to be faithful and to return home.

Hungary remained in the storms of history

Hungary remained in the storms of history because it was strong, the President of the Republic pointed out, while more peoples were displaced by smaller people from history. John János remembered the intimacy of his first king, his son, Prince Imre, "be strong so that happiness is not too great or bad."

St. Stephen also believed that he had the power to shape history, gather friends, while other princes were looking for enemies and peace, "said the founder of the state.

Generations have created a separate, free European country that many have tried to preserve the loyalty, work and loyalty of all those who do not bow down in time – stressed János Áder.

Whatever they called this state, whoever stood next to the barracks, and wherever they tried to rule, the destiny of the nation was formed by those who, by instinct, but consciously, but with honor, honesty and much work, Hungarians' country The tradition of St. Stephen continued, "said the head of state.

And although the country never forgets sins – the president of the republic, Miklós Radnóti, Ska Salkaházi and Antal Szerb, or the deportation of the Swabian Dunabogdanski, the activities of the ÁVO and the retribution of 1956, – ​​Hungary has repeatedly said yes life without fear, human dignity, free religion, the right to work and justice – he emphasized.

"This Hungary, at the end of the twentieth century, once again said yes to itself, yes to St. Stephen's house and Europe," he added.

This country has been our country for a thousand years

The head of state described the life and patriotism of the late Transsylvian poet Sándor Kányádi as an example, who "really knew how to stay Hungarian as a member of an endangered community" and to find the homeland everywhere among the speakers.

The words of János Áder concluded that "for a thousand years of the earth, our country is the land of our common land, and it will continue for as long as there are people who understand here in the heart of Europe and feel what all these four simple words are hidden: everything in the front. "

The oath of the Honvéd officers is unique

Tibor Benkő, Defense Minister, said in his welcome speech under the oath of honorary officials: Honvested officers oath to faithfully serve Hungary and, if necessary, to defend Hungary and its citizens by sacrificing their lives.

"It is a unique oath where you recommend his own life for the house", emphasized the Minister of Defense.

"Serve all citizens of society to appreciate your calling and sacrifice.Please show examples of patriotism and heroism," said Tibor Benkő, and continued, "If they have to perform their heroic duties, just like our ancestors who have the history of this nation have written with blood, be proud of it. "

Peace is extremely fragile

History has proven countless times that peace is a very fragile thing to protect and protect. To do this, we need a strong army, well-trained soldiers and military officers and generals, "said the Minister of Defense.

The Zrínyi 2026 program is aimed at achieving these goals, which are aimed at protecting the country in strong hands – he said. The Hungarian Ministers of Defense serve Hungary, the cause of the Hungarian people, peace and security, and swear it – for that they wanted many successes, strength, health and "happy soldiers", Minister of Defense Tibor Benkő.

"On the occasion of our nation, God should live in Hungary, Hungary and soldiers who defend the honey," said the minister.

They took the national flag for the House of Representatives

In addition to military respect, in the presence of János Áder, the national flag of Hungary was lifted during the holiday on August 20, on the morning of the Kossuth Lajos square in front of the House of Commons. The flag was raised by the unity of the Hungarian armed forces to the voice of the Hymn. The event was attended by the Central Military Orchestra and the National Horse Equestrian Unit.

Besides János Áder, Tibor Benkő, defense minister, Ferenc Korom, chief of the armed forces, representatives of the government, state and military organizations, representatives of the diplomatic corps and hundreds of researchers were present. After the launch of the flag, the Honved officers took their oath.

Festive programs are closed by fireworks in the evening

Then water and air parades are held in the parliament on the Danube and the river. Central programs include the open days of the parliament, the Hungarian street of flavors, as well as the Buda Castle programs and concerts with party-goers.

In the afternoon the Holy right circumstance is settled in the habit of custom. Festive programs are closed in the capital by fireworks in the evening. Throughout the country there are programs on the official holiday in many settlements and across the border.

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