All calcium-Sandoz effervescent tablets are removed from the bloodstream

The National Institute for Pharmacy and Nutrition (OGYÉI) prohibits the marketing of all Calcium-Sandoz effervescent tablets in the pharmacy and drugstore and eventually withdraws from the blood circulation.

In addition to his previous decision, all my OGYÉI prohibits the marketing of Calcium-Sandoz effervescent tablets at present in the pharmacy and chemist and eventually pulls out of the circulation. As is known,

On 10 September, OGYÉI took four defective batches with quality problems from the market as a result of the laboratory tests on 10 September.

My BAT is forbidden to distribute all Calcium Sandoz tablets
Photo: AFP

My MAO has also issued a notice stating that, in the case of the parties examined by the authority, laboratory tests have shown that one of the natural metal contaminants of the active ingredient of the mineral raw material for the compositions concerned was above the permissible limit value.

On 11 September, the seller of the medicine sent a request to the pharmaceutical authority to remove all storage facilities in the store from all storage sites, in the interest of the patients.

Although the elementary contamination was above the permissible limit, patients do not need to be treated, there should be no health risk, but OGYÉI is not recommended for long-term use of the product concerned and no medicines should be calculated.

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