An important announcement was made by the government for pensioners

An important announcement was made by the government for pensioners

Previously, Máté Kocsis and Gergely Gulyás said during Thursday's Governing Trial that there are no retirees without Erzsébet vouchers.

Based on the first eight months of inflation this year, there would be no supplement for retirees – writes According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, inflation was 2.6 percent and the government must take account of the price increase between January and August when determining the pension adjustment.

According to the portal, since emigrants have grown by 3 percent at the beginning of the year, there is no reason to raise pensions on this point. There will, however, be a premium because economic growth is higher than the 3.5 percent mentioned in the law.

Gergely Gulyás spoke on Thursday's Governor-in they will not stay with Elisabeth without retirees by the end of this year. According to the Minister of the Prime Minister, if there are no additions, the price increase will be taken into account in one way or another – writes the portal. As a possible solution, he mentioned the allocation of the Erzsébet voucher. Previously, Kocsis Máté, leader of the Fidesz group, also said that it is conceivable in this form to increase pensioners' money.

There is no decision from the government yet, but on the basis of the statements it can be expected that vouchers will arrive before Christmas.

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