András Patyi and Zoltán Mága received the award from the state

Gergely Gulyás, Prime Minister and Miklós Kásler greeted publicly on 20 August
Minister of Human Resources

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Miklós Kásler, Minister of Human Resources (b) gives the Knights Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit to Sasvári Sándor Jászai Mari Prize-winning Color Artist Singer Photo: Márton Márton / MTI / MTVA

Politically speaking, the most interesting undoubtedly the government donated the central cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit to Andrew Patyi, the outgoing president of the National Electoral Commission and the rector of the public university, who will undoubtedly be the head of the forthcoming administrative justice system.

Zoltán Mága, a respected and well-supported violinist of the government, also received a funeral ceremony from Péter Raab Párkányi, a sculptor known for the German occupation monument on Szabadság Square.

In the Soviet Union, the president of the Hungarian political prisoners and forced laborers could also have been a knighthood of Erzsébet Menczer, a candidate for an individual constituency of Fidesz, and István Varga, a lawyer, who had been a former party executive.

Gábor Harsányi, István Alapi, the musician of EDDA and Sándor Sasvári, also received an audience award from the field of culture. (Index)


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