As a fiduciary representative, a professor who defended the government's steps in the CEU and MTA cases

It has been several times that when the jihiously anti-knowing Fidel cylinder re-entered a non-sympathetic university or the scientific freedom of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Professor József Alvincz of the University of Kaposvár appeared in the government documents and said that everything in every case was good.

This was the time when Alvincz of the University of Kaposvár told the Hungarian Times that the CEU, which was also popular on the international top list, was characterized by the dominance of camouflage or that also in the Fidesz party was written that the MTA on the point is to become a plastic.

The article had just ended with the title of a university professor, but like the gossip, Vincent? he wrote his blog, József Alvincz had his career outside the university sphere: he was a Fidelian representative of the Pest County Assembly and was able to avoid the national media in 2004 because he was drunk and communist in the award ceremony of the drawing competition for children. As it was then, the Index, not long before, wrote in a German official way, he was drunk communist, albeit at least in German.

According to the index article, the announcement of the match for children's games Alvincz apologized to the MSZP chairman of the General Assembly, and eventually the Fidesz group chairman accompanied the scandalous representative from the room to the 40 children. The extraordinary meeting of the faction was also convened and Alvincz eventually left the position.

Are we rejoicing, Vincent? he also cautiously raised the question of how to fully believe in the database of the Hungarian database of Scientific Works, but in any case according to the data contained therein, a researcher who deals with current issues of land ownership policy and agricultural legislation most recently published on the pages of the Democratic and Hungarian newspapers. But we were also released from the Loan magazine, which modestly titled "Responsive to Tanka Endre," a small, unwarranted accusation of a former member of the MSZMP party. received.



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