As a result of our article, the ATV and RTL Club have also dealt with the loss of the felcsút railway

On Wednesday, we wrote that he had suffered 8 million losses last year, and the Felcsut train drove without passengers for 10 days. In response to our article, the ATV and the RTL Club news also dealt with the subject. Our colleague told ATV, and the RTL Club responded to Gergely Gulyás, chancellor. "It is a pleasure for many," Gulyás said.

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We asked the Felcsúti Utánpótlás Nevelésért Alapítvány (FUNA) for a public request and we were told how much income and expenditure was spent on the railways last year.

According to FUNA's reply, HUF's revenues amounted to 17.8 million from ticket sales in the past year, while the operation amounted to HUF 26 million. So there was a loss of 8.2 million forint during this period. This is double the amount of the $ 4.1 million followers he had compiled in the first 14 months of his operation. From now on, so since the beginning of April 30, 2016, the prime minister's hobbies have resulted in a total loss of HUF 12.3 million by the end of June 2018.

At our request FUNA also sent passenger data and it appears that in the past year, 10 days without a train, there was an empty train between the Felcsut Stadium and the Arboretum of Alcsútdoboz.

As a result of our article, the release of the ATV news on Thursday gave a topic about what our employee called on the channel. Katalin Erdélyi emphasized in the report that the loss of 12.3 million guilders so far is particularly interesting in the light of the fact that the provider of EU tendering by the railways was much smaller.

The study states that according to the FUNA calculations, the operation and maintenance of the railways will cost an average of 7 million forint annually and generate revenues of 5-6 million forint annually. That is, FUNA has reported that the project will produce 1.5-2 million HUF loss per year, but this is already the case with the plural.

The news from the RTL Club was broadcasted on Friday in a report on the railroad and they spoke to Gergely Gulyás, the Minister of Chancellor, about the loss.

Gulyás said just now: "We hope that the current advertising of the RTL Club will make more people on the railway next year, and that is what will be fun for many."

The chancellor is shown in the 444 cut in 3 seconds:

The complete material of the RTL Club can be seen here:

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