He resigned from his position on Tuesday to resign from Bernadett Wind to the LMP co-fighter: Sallai R. Benedek wrote the members of the party in a letter to hvg.hu for a long time to check the sins of the outgoing co-host. chairman of the co-chairman to refresh and predicts a dark future for the LMP in its final phase.

After the resignation of the co-chairman of the LMP, Bernadett Szél and the farewell letter from his party to the party members, he did not have to wait long for the (one-man) counter-reaction: with László and the other former co-chairman of the party, LMP was meanwhile left with Ákos Hadolyy in strained relationship with the last spring Benedek Sallai, who made no mistake, made a loud reputation for the outgoing politician. (In the case of the function of hvg.hu, written for the membership and the national presidency of the LMP, here are some details of the previous co-presidents and Sallai's conflicts)

The Sallai, known for the previously unchanged style of the LMP's in a closed-loop Facebook message group, does not refute the signals: it is claimed that the announcement of the national presidency of the party after the press conference of the Congress end May also was heavily stimulated by nausea Bernadett Wind said, "his letter" surprisingly out of contact with his face, unable to face himself, "was so surprised that he could not stop clapping.

"Someone who has been decisive for a long time and who has been the main player of our political community for the time being, who has determined our visibility by organizing external communication for a long time, who is our best known face and co-president for political strategic directions, finds no fault in his leadership – the surprise, but all others find mistakes from EB to the secretary of Fidesz because of the position of the party, which is impressive because of my impressions, it is already abnormal. "

– explained the former secretary of the national presidency, pointing out that "the absence of such a vision of reality in sight" shows the fundamental lack of leadership qualities.

"Bernadett Wind with Ákos Hadhazy had been delivered / blackmailed about a year and a half before the elections and everything had to be as they had invented.With Akos, with Ron Werber, Petik and Erzsi – everything had to be like Detti wanted, of course what he wanted, I know not who told him that, let you alone, is this a joke? "

– Sallai questions the impetuous but poetic question, and in the future he pretends to praise the political capacities of Wind, but in fact he is embedded in another criticism:

"Do not be misunderstood: I have Dett a great candidate, a good politician, an excellent parliamentary representative with great craftsmanship and zeal at every moment, wherever he might feel: in DK, Fidesz, MSZP – what seems credible to represent or disagree you can paint yourself as you are most profitable, wherever you are – that's the problem. "

Sallai is of the opinion that the retired co-chairman claimed to be a victim or a hero, while the former secretary said that he was confronted with decisions by the US Congress and the principles that led to the establishment of the LMP. (A quasi-pause in the party before the Ahtisaari elections that most members of the then National Presidency encountered some opposition to firing the Fidesz to try to negotiate with some opposition parties, such as relapses, while the other party insisted on the decision of the previous LMP Congress, stating that the LMP would be independent in each constituency with its own candidate in the elections, and cooperation with those who had not been in the government for the last 28 years).

"Heroes, they've just made a worthless party with a career, of a political community founded to renew political culture, it's just the result and" the leader does what he wants "and the" footsteps to take part " "to political culture or" let him die in the ivory tower "to work" to create a political culture. "

Sallai calls Bernadett Wander as a hypocritical hypothesis for "not telling about the parliamentary mandate of income and presence, but the organizational work involved in the work", and then to diagnose the status of the party:

"LMP is in its final phase: the fact that brain kills or cardiac arrest occur faster does not know, but apparently there is no meaningful striving for another future." LMP became a colorless, odorless, insignificant, insignificant political force that, with its grotesque face, appears as a caricature in the midst of mischievous intercourse with public life, and where Detti "withdraws and thinks about the things of the world" the game of action can surprise us, but it does not change it unfortunately. "

The politician criticizes this ethics committee for criticism, sometimes absurdly, partly at the departure of Wind, and says that he is not happy, but he does not understand – but against Welsh – he accepts them.

Returning to the situation of the LMP, he says that none of the people with whom they decided in the autumn of 2007 to set up the LMP, with whom they jointly established the common values ​​and principles, in addition to Erzsébet Schmuck,

"It is a shame with these memories to look at the LMP today, to look at existential battles for clergy and paid positions, and to see what is so much confident about development." Some LMPs have a growing financial outlook and a falling value value, Great people have gone through the years that would be needed, but Detti's main responsibility is to kill anyone around them who can still change. "

By the end of the letter he does not even talk about the future:

"What else can we trust who we stayed here?" Today's announcement that the captain is leaving the sinking ship allows the LMP to control the policy of the garbage dump that it is increasingly becoming. "

According to the pessimistic assessment of Sallai, the LMP becomes smaller – and with wind reduction – the chance that LMP returns "from cardiac arrest or brain death". As the co-president suggests, it could be a good thing in the life of the party or in the political culture of the country, "but how does it work as a wake-up call or a live cable from a power outlet? In any case, it is instructive to read and recognize the majority of the comments: a pile of good people still has no idea what happened here and what is happening now, "closes the former secretary.

In a few hours Sallai R. Benedek received dozens of comments, most of whom disagreed with the arrival of the former secretary, some because of his style, some of whom were attacked by Wind in their letter, allegedly their allegations, or their disappointment about the ethical expression committee brought him back to the party. (After his conflict with Hadhrym, Salla was for the first time excluded from the LMP in April, but in July the new ethics committee changed the previous decision and withdrew the former secretary back to the party). Many have criticized politicians why they did not speak in the campaign on policy issues, agriculture, EU subsidies and protection of farmers, thereby strengthening the LMP's competent political image?

Sallai's reaction to this is slightly less instructive, a way to quote one:

"The answer is simple: the LMP policy of these topics is not interesting, and partly for reasons of personal motivation, this community does not motivate me in any way to commit themselves to anything – there are paid politicians, this is their spell In this form, I no longer want to raise my little finger for LMP, especially I will not convince a man to join this community because I'm ashamed of those I've done before I was here when I was born, I was never a member of another party, I thought I was waiting for the death.There is one thing I would like to do again: the complete renewal of the support of Jan Kendernay.Nothing is logical. "

Sallai R. Benedek announced that he had been retiring for more than a year and that he no longer wanted to be involved, he wrote in April during an ethical procedure against the Hadházy case: "Nice place is the political public life, after four years of active involvement in peace the bushes do not lie, the non-hypocritical, the meadows are not hypocritical … and from where I write these rules is far away Hadhazy, Orbán, Gyurcsány is the capital, and only hope is the father of four children: how different can politics be. "

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