At the top of the hill the bare feet of graves are excavated

There is no such thing as this: there are farmers at the top of the hill

If the original conditions are not repaired within eight days, the costs for repairing the pots will be charged to the joke.

The ATV news reported yesterday that he had to break the bus stop at Felcsút in the Hungarian twin-headed dog party within three days, because the road master said the party had violated several legal regulations when it set up the bus without permission.

The President of the Dog Party said Monday that he was worried that the authorities in recent weeks in the village would be driven away.

His fears have been proven: a recently published letter says that they really have to restore the original state of the pot, otherwise the party FURNISHING CUSHIONS cost.

The Felcsút önkormányzat promises to start the professional repair of the pavement.


The Two-Pigged Dog Party on Facebook has published an official letter from the technical manager requesting that the original state of the pots be restored.

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