August 20 – Bertalan Tóth: St. Stephen chose Western Europe

August 20 is not only a long weekend with fireworks, but the feast of St. Stephen's establishment of the Hungarian state for more than a thousand years and at the same time choose to belong to the West – said Bertalan Tóth.

According to the intentions of St. Stephen, the king's main virtue is humility, not hatred or "hatred." Today, however, there is a Christian-democratic government in Hungary that stigmatizes lawmakers, sends the police to homeless people and attacks the independent judiciary. With this policy our 600,000 compatriots were persecuted from the country – said the opposition politician.

The MSZP regards the path from St. Stephen to Western Europe as correct, he added.

"We will fight for the rights and interests of creditors in foreign currencies and we will fight to prevent families from losing their homes and fighting for the young Hungarians who have left this country to return as soon as possible. "said the head of the MSZP on 20 August.

– MTI –

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