Bodonyi Dra and Kayak Two are world champions

In the Montemor-o-Velh, the Portuguese kayak-canoe at the world championships, Bodonyi Dra K-1 won 1000 gold medals, with which he won the Hungarian kayak-canoe 200th gold medal, while Erika Medveczy and Tamás Csipes won more than a dozen haircuts won K-2 1000 m, the Hungarian team won the 201th World Cup. The 22-year-old kayak, Ndas Bence, was able to hit the drum while rolling his hair at the third place at 500 meters. Frissl!

After the toleration, the Hungarian kayak canoes were burned 29 degrees and they could swim in Montemor-o-Velh. The Hungarian university before the A-dnt was also interested in the B-dntk. C-2 is 1000m wide by Korisnszky Dvid, Mike Rbert is the fourth in the group, with No Blint on K-2 at 1000m and Illys Rbert is fourth in the second level.

This was the fifth time in Kecskemét last year's racing championship, Bodonyi Dra, which had a strong performance in the K-1 1000m race, with more than a hair length, and the best time for the NNK Krankemann.

Bodonyi Dra had confidence in the 1000 meter throwForrs: MTI / Kovcs Tams

The 4th plyn starts with Bodonyi Dra, the best of the time, and he immediately took the lead, but Jlyan Alyssa Bull was a good player. He did not succeed, however, because the Hungarian kayak had hair loss in the flax. At about 250 m above Bodom he had the advantage and he had a few hair and hair, but he was unable to defeat Bodonyi Dra and win a gold medal at the kayak-canoe competition.

Hungarian kayakers and kenas have achieved up to 199 gold medals in the 43 fastest world championships, Bodonyi Dra aranyrme was the 200th World Championship Hungarian kayak canoeing.

On the C-2 200 meters the Hajdu Jonatn, Black dm pro can be used to play the game as soon as they are called dnt, or nine singles. The Hungarian team could not participate in the race after the race, but was in fourth place.

Lakatos Zsanett fought a lot, but did not get a startForrs: MTI / Kovcs Tams

Lakatos Zsanett took first place in the final, but he could not win. The 23 runners were in second place after the start and from that position they could not fight the races, and the bronze Canadian superstar, Katie Vincent, missed the second round.

Kiss Puppies kiss trousers stepped into the C-1 500-meter dirt, but he could not get a drummer. The 31 kayak was stuck in the race, but he was in the same spot but the TV was out of stock and he was out of the box. The race was won by the Brazilian Isaacias Dos Santos for the brilliant Nymp Olympic champion Sebastian Brendel.

Kayks Ndas Bence won a bronze medal of 500 m on the world championshipForrs: / Zsuzsanna Vekassy (ICF)

The 22-year-old Megas Bence beat the K-1 in the 500-m race and had the power to play, as he was the last player in the bronze medal. The Hungarian kayak did not break the start, the Czech Josef Dostl, Tom Tom Liebscher and the Portuguese João Ribeiro joined the drum. But he was in turn the only player in the tournament and he was the only player in the tournament and he was the last player in the national championship and he was bronze in the world championship.

Erika Medveczky, Tamás Csipes, made no statement to the rivlisForrs: Szalms Pter / Hungarian Kayak-Canoe Reports

Erika Medveczy, Tamara Csipes won more than a thousand hairs in the K-2 at 1000 m, with the Hungarian World Cup 201. The Hungarians had lead hair after the start of the war as hair loss. They did not come back from the temples and they found out that there was a lot of vandalism and the second place was Polish Justyna Iskrzycka, Paulina Paszek before two.

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