children were safe with Michelisz and M1RA

Norbert Michelisz and cheese owners, the M1RA helped with the help of a forensic clinician of nearly $ 1.7 billion with a sensory surgeon for the Child Child Child Pain Foundation.

Last year, the international traaut champion M1RA organized the first match at the Kart Kart Arna Gokart Stadium in August, a cross-country race race. With this team owner, the world champion drama with Michelisz Norberttel was able to forget the knowledge of those who, from Kart Arna, are nominated with the name of the jtkony clt, just like the kloothommel 164 rsztvev.

michelis, m1ra, jtkonysgForrs: Norbert Michelisz

From a well thought-out perspective and from the M1RA it was successful to buy the VbS Children & # 39; s Fund for the Vroxign Level Clinical Instrument and sensor about 1.7 billion forint. They can help you get your baby from the Pcsi Pediatric Clinic class so much safer.

"Sir, more than one would want to buy this drug for the clinic, and now it is a great help that M1RA and Norbert Michelisz will take care of the work of Dr. Nagy Va, the Worker of the Vulgar Children's Foundation.

"We know the vroxigine level of the baby, but it does not appear that the body fat of the baby does not disappear in the sun, so it does not work perfectly, which can let you sniff around. this is what you can do with the help of a helper, and you can safely leave the baby at home with yours. "

The drug is a huge help for the clinicForrs: Origo

"The owner of Kart Arna, owner of Kart Arna, Pard Vadsz, brought me my attention to the basic finish, and we decided to help them to help us," said Norbert Michelisz.

"I belong to everyone who made the show, but to Pern, who is an unmanned and helpful engine for the event.

When I became a loved one, I was more vulnerable to children,

because I can only imagine how big it would be for my little ones to have a serious problem. When I put the bargain in the M1RA in the foreground, everyone started to get started, and the racing car and the truck murder made a lot of success. We expect millions of dollars to be paid, and I am incredibly disappointed that we were able to shake it. It is very useful! "

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