craziness for football players with two legs to pay huge amounts to jump

Lazarus: madness for two-legged footballers to pay huge sums to jump

Especially if there is no result – the former minister said about the earth.

János Lázár walked on earth, which he showed in his latest video. In the village there is a sports hall of 700 million forint and the minister of the former prime minister has handed over a new synthetic turf pitch, apparently motivated by the children.

Then Lazarus begins to talk to a man of size when he says:

"You know, the worst thing is that there are some who pay for money because a team is played badly, and that is all crazy.This is one of the world's largest pyramid schemes: two-legged footballers pay huge sums to jump and there is no result. Lazarus laughed. He then added that the enthusiasm of children is enormous, because there is sufficient supplement.

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