Critically cheap industrial apple

Critically cheap with the industrial apple tractor to show the farmers

Hundreds of farmers protested in the two settlements of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County because of the low purchase price of apple. Democrats with dozens of tractors were Miklós Seszták, former Minister of Development and István Jakab, the president of Magosz, promised government support.

Semi-trail roadblock due to low apple prices

Semi-final roadblocks and protests protested by apple producers in Vásárosnamény and Anarcs in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County because of the low purchase price of industrial apple. At the processing plant in Vásárosnamény, more than 300 farmers appeared, who had planted 30-40 tractors and machines on one side of the main road next to the factory with insurance policies.

The majority of the producers demonstrated for the company of an Austrian-based company that asked the management of the company to increase the purchase price of industrial apples for at least 25 forints at a minimum of 13 HUF per kilogram.

During the demonstration Miklós Seszták was received by the former national minister of development, the current government commissioner, who promised government intervention.

"The most important thing now, I think, as a politician, but perhaps even more important, as one of the actors in the economy, is that power is now only in harmony, everything else is useless for the time being, because if someone tries the apple. To get, think those who are in the green fence that they have won, "said Seszták.

During the demonstration, István Jakab, President of Magosz, Vice-President of Parliament, told the farmers that there was a cartel in the apple business, because a month ago the acceptance of prices had not been accepted by any processor or farmer.

After the speeches, a lorry truck with truck to the processing plant, the truck returned and left the area after the shouts and indignation of the farmers.

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