Croatian newspapers report on the waste management of Orbán Ráhel

The West Light near DK told photos of Orbán Ráhel and István Tiborcz who traveled to Hungary when they stopped at a petrol station where the Prime Minister's daughter cuddled her child and put the used diaper into a bag and simply threw it over the road. Ferenc Gyurcsány also quickly shares the post:

The Western Light claims that they have received photos from a reader who mistakenly mistook the couple because there was a rubbish bin nearby. The report was quickly picked up by the Croatian press and on Tuesday afternoon, the largest Croatian pages & # 39; s processed the news. He reported 24Sata as a leading material and wrote about Telegram, and reported the case with the title "The daughter of the Hungarian Prime Minister has made something unimaginable on a Croatian highway:" Did not your father teach me that? ". In a tweet embedded in this article Hrvoje Krešić writes that: "What a good neighborly relationship and decent family education: the daughter of Viktor Orbán was photographed during her holiday in Croatia, turning a diaper on a highway and throwing the full package on the ground, but there was waste in the area."

A Novi list "The primitiveness of the royal couple in Croatia" and, as they say, the daughter of Orban threw off the used diaper from the highway. The 24th Sata is quite passionate "Horror! Orban & # 39; s daughter threw the game in Croatia, along the highway" while the Telegram wrote: "The scandal of the Hungarian Prime Minister in the daughter of the Croatian holiday king: he was photographed as he hit the dirty road along the road."


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