Death Rnay Lsl

Prolonged illness, 81 years old died in Budapest Rnay Lszl Jzsef Attila and Prima-djas literature, critical, university education with MTI in the hospitals of Csald.

Rnay Lszl was flown on August 16, 1937 in Budapest, with his tomb Kornlia Radnti and Rnay Gyrgy r. Gymnasium studies were conducted at the Budapest Piarist Gymnasium. He came in for a sword but did not win. Between 1955 and 1956 he worked in the human coffin of human activity and then worked for him.

In 1956 the university studied for a Hungarian pedagogical course. During the day of the revolution you will find articles on the KDP page, which will be published in the future. After the revolution, the pedagogical course took over in Latin. From 1957 he appeared in Vigili. Siki Gza nven Music notes with cmmel were regularly given publicity.

From 1962 to 1970 he was able to teach at the Bicskn in Ltalnos, first appeared in 1967 with the Ezra Age generation. From 1970 to 1973 he was transferred to the Petri Literary Museum in the West killing series, edited by Gellrt Oszkr and Fst Miln legat (with the Command of Command).

In 1973 the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (then: Irodalomtrtneti Intzet) dealt with classical Hungarian literature. His mission The Hungarian literature was written in 1945-1975 and then by Miklós Bldi on the left. Moreover, the Hungarian literature on the western seas has worked hard.
He continued the ranks of the Third Generation of the West, he will soon be able to deal with the mess of the 20th Catholic spirit. He had an honest monogroy, Kosztolnyirl, Sk Sndorrl Mcs Lszlrl and Mrai Sndor was one of the most prominent investigations.

From 1990 until this summer he taught at the ELTE modern Hungarian literature, first university degree, emeritusknt emeritus emeritus. In the same year he became the editor of Humanity j (1998).

He got a lot of excuses: Dj-BLNI (1985), the v Knyve reward (1990), Plaque-Kosztolnyi. Jzsef Attila DJ (1992), Golden Jnos DJ (1997), Pro Ecclesia Hungariae (1997), The little knight of the Hungarian order (1997), Komls Aladr-dj (2000), Toldy Ferenc DJ (2001), Stephanus-dj (2008) Officer of the Hungarian Order of Records (2008) Great DJ (2016).

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