Drogos thought he was leaving the striking camouflage on the Albertirsa playground

A citizen guard saved the 12-year-old girl.

A participating civilian guard, István Szemők, saved the life of 12-year-old Sandra, who fell on a Albertirsa playground. The passers-by went without help because they thought it was a drug addict. The adolescent was forced to strike, "wrote Blikk.

According to the paper, the timing factor is very important for children with a very rare stroke: the patient only has a chance of recovery if he or she receives the necessary treatments within 4.5 hours after the last protocol.

My sister's daughter was about to go because she was in the nearby playground. I immediately went there: unfortunately many people passed because they probably thought they were drinking, maybe smoking a cigarette. I immediately saw that her fingers were very strange. He was unable to get up, move or talk about the dust

The Guardia Civil informed the newspaper that he is working as a policeman with the presidential guard of the stand-by police.

Thanks to the bourgeoisie and doctors thanks to the surviving life-saving operation, half a year after the incident.

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