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Only a week and a half are linked to the lives of young people Weisz Fanni and Péter Hajmásy already focus on family formation. Although the family and mother of beauty did not attend the wedding, the couple thought the wedding was fantastic.

"It was a dream, I still can not believe everything was so great! We felt good, I will never forget." The next day, guests invited me that they had not really felt well during the wedding and they would I wanted to have a week after week because they were so great and for us it was the greatest happiness that we really did so well and everyone loved it, "Fanni said to Blikk, and then she also admitted that she wanted to experience the events of family formation, which they took the first step.

– Of course we want to have our own family. We have been with Pet for five and a half years, which I think is a good time to get married, not a relationship. The next step is the arrival of the baby. We really want a baby and I hope we have two super small children who want to give them everything to be happy in life. I think if they are happy they will be me too, "Fanni said.

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