Farmers persevere: There are no industrial apples for less than 25 forint!

Farmers have already expressed their dissatisfaction last week at the site of the Austrian Juice at anarchy, where they came to the Austrian processing company on Tuesday and protested at a purchase price of 13 forint. There was one who had brought his apple only because it was a contract, but at the gate, for the price, he turned the tractor and the trailer back. The demonstration was attended by István Jakab, chairman of the Hungarian Association of Hungarian Farmers and Cooperatives (MAGOSZ).

"It is good that we are here, although it would have been better to meet the hostess of the province in other circumstances MAGOSZ has been negotiating with the processors for a month, we have met some interesting things and it seemed that the processors In my opinion, it also increases the possibility of a cartel, but that is only a presumption, but I know from a certain source that the Austrian and German companies are taking industrial apples from 8 to 12 centimeters. there will pay the apple, "said István Jakab, president of MAGOSZ, who underlined that there was no industrial apple under the price of 25 forint, Austrian juice announced 13 cereals much more than the costs of spraying, loading, shipping).

Cooperation is essential

– The apple must be sold at a fair price, so this afternoon we meet delegates from the navy and tomorrow we promise to negotiate with the processor. It is indispensable to work together, not to allow farmers to bring apples for a fee. In the future there is a viable path: a processing plant must be set up for the producer – said MAGOSZ, president of István Jakab.

Vass Albert brought about 25 tons of Reglindis-type apples to the Vásárosnamény processing plant, but he explained that only because he was obliged to do so.

– I was here at 8 o'clock, as it should, but there was no apple for 13 dollars. I have done enough for the contract, but this price is just ridiculous. If the processor tells me that, I will bring it in, but … Reglindis is coming early, especially in this heat I do not have much time. So you have an apple of 1500 pounds under the tree because it is already ripe in that warm … If I know, the Poles have managed to reach a price of 10 euros, but that is the help of the government there, " said the Gulaciaan farmer.

"By the time of the year I pull the trees out! What should I do now?" – István Pető, who has 560 Reglindis apple trees, asked the poetic question. "In this heat it falls like a rainforest. Pick? There is no point in doing this … How many days will I pay if I receive that price for apple? Government intervention would be necessary, as in Poland – the Vaja man complained.

The enthusiasm disappears

Miklós Nagy in Vásárosnamény also had a desperate voice. "Because I know my mind, I work with apples, I have 30 hectares of plantation, I planted the first trees in 1996. As far as I can, I am enthusiastic, but at such prices there is no future for the industry. that the price of the apple fluctuates, but that is so … I have a good average harvest, but what if the processor comes with such humiliating prices – not only our money, but also our enthusiasm is lost. processor played a decisive role in the region and he did not come first with the prizes, "said Miklós Nagy, who says the good example is Denmark – cooperatives work in cooperative form. At the end of the conversation, Miklós Nagy tried to approach the situation positively.

– Fortunately I have a civil job, I am a mechanic. I always said: I am the best car manufacturer of the grower, the best apple manufacturer among car manufacturers, "he joked the farmer's farmer.

There is no real vision
– Beregsurány has eight hectares of apples. All three of my boys are agricultural engineers, they want to stay at home, but with this award I do not think they will see a future in the sector, "said István D. Pethe.

– Gergely Tarnavölgyi –

They met in the capital

After the Demonstration of Demonstration, a Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg Detachment took charge of the capital, among the members of the delegation (without completeness) Oszkár Seszták, Dr. ir. Attila Tilki, János Bakti, Vilmos Bori, Ernő Szakszon and István Jakab, president of MAGOSZ. The members of the delegation met István Nagy at the meeting table with the Minister of Agriculture at the beginning of the afternoon.

János Bakti informed us about the developments.

– István Nagy gave full support to the farmers in our province. Concrete government steps can only be expected after the Wednesday meeting, because we have a meeting with Klaus Müller, the production manager of Austria Juice & # 39; s vásárosnaményi. We trust that we will be happy to get up from the table.

Farmers were also shown in Vásárosnamény

Budapest – The Ministry of Agriculture plans to introduce a contract in the future for a multi-year price level between producers and buyers, said the ministry on Tuesday after the meeting of Minister of Agriculture István Nagy with representatives of the farmers.


Vásárosnamény – At 7 o'clock in the morning, farmers from the county gather at the entrance to the Austrian Juice vásárosnaményi branch. The reason for the Tuesday meeting is nothing but a low buy-in of only 13 forint.

– Beregsurány has 8 hectares of apples. All three sons …

Picture: Sipeki Péter

Anarcs – At the end of the summer and the early autumn there is always a big crowd in front of the Austro-Hungarian factory in Austro-Hungarian juice, so he went on a Monday morning, maybe just thinking that cars. there were long, long lines on both sides of the road. Those who are forced to slow down, however, have hundreds of farmers …

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