For 6 thousand forints, the grandmother offered a 15-year-old grandson to a 74-year-old man

The guardianship authority agreed two years ago that the accused will accept her miniscule daughter, who has since been brought up as guardian in her own household. In January of this year, grandmother visited a teenager with a teenage girl trying to sell a pair of boots. He told his 74-year-old that he needed cash, so if he did not have the boots, he would give his $ 6,000 contribution to the uncle's dealings with his granddaughter who stayed in the next room during the meeting. The man who was otherwise in bad health accepted the offer for the first time, but later, when he found out that the girl refused him, he did the deed. The suspect and the victim then left the scene together.

The public prosecutor accuses the grandparent of committing a fence by a person younger than eighteen. At the same time, the investigation into the crime against the exploitation of child prostitution for sexual offenses against the man was abolished.

The guardians decided shortly after the act to end the care of the underage family and placed the victim in a children's home.

The district prosecutor of Füzesabony has filed a motion to impose a prison sentence against the accused, and forbids him to exercise public affairs and custody as an activity. In the course of the investigation, a criminal charge of nearly HUF 100,000 was filed and the prosecutor also accused the defendant.

With due observance of the provisions of the new law on criminal procedure, the Prosecution has submitted in the indictment a specific proposal for the amount of the main and secondary penalties in case the accused would be guilty during the preparatory meeting. In this case, if the defendant accepts the proposed penalty rate, the procedure can be terminated at the preparatory meeting without further evidence. In the event that a trial is held, the Prosecution thinks that it is justified to hear the girl who uses the telecommunications tool to protect the victim.

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