From the beginning of September, the digital asset loan program is available at MFB Points

From the beginning of September, the digital asset loan program is available at MFB Points

Acquisition of eligible tangible assets, purchase of intangible assets and service related costs.

2018.08.27 18:41MTI

The digital wealth loan program (djh) is launched on 1 September and small and medium-sized companies can claim interest-free credits for digital development at MFA Points – announced on Monday at a press conference in Budapest.

László Palkovics, Minister of Innovation and Technology, stressed that the preferential loan from the Digital Credit Benefit Program (DJP) helps small and medium-sized Hungarian companies prepare for the challenges of digitization, according to calculations 300- 400 companies will receive support for development in the six convergence regions & # 39; s.

Tamás Bernáth, president and CEO of the Hungarian development bank, said that from the beginning of September, SMEs can demand an interest-free loan with a zero interest rate of HUF 7.5 billion that is available in the economic development and innovation Operational program ( Ginop) between HUF 5 million and HUF 200 million MFA points, and the conditions will not change during the term of the loan to seven years.

László Palkovics stated that the launch of the digital asset loan program is of economic importance. He stressed that digitization and robotisation are redesigning the labor market, changing decision-making mechanisms and helping Hungarian SMEs to catch up with their international competitors in the digital, innovation and efficiency sectors.

In the Digital Wellbeing program, the government strongly supports the preparation of the Hungarian economy for digitization, including improving the competitiveness of companies, he emphasized.

Tamás Bernáth recalled that eight cooperating banks exploit 642 MFA points across the country and can also use their mentoring opportunities in connection with their SME loans.

The President and CEO of MFA stressed that the benefit of the repayable grants available in the EU development cycle 2014-2020 is that the resource will be available to the country after repayment of the loan. He stressed that Hungary has achieved significant results in the use of reimbursable grants.

Mr. Juhász, Minister of State for National Financial Services and Public Services, said at a press conference that the Hungarian Development Bank has an important role to play in providing preferential opportunities for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Hungary, thus increasing the competitiveness of the Hungarian economy is being improved.

According to the information provided by the MFA, the digital wealth credits program supports projects to develop digital products and services, but the acquisition of tangible assets, intangible assets, service-related costs, fees, legal, notarial, patent fees, domestic exhibitions or fairs, external expansion services , personnel costs associated with the professional execution of the project, travel expenses, business trips, general expenses and office leasing.

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