genderism is similar to Nazi science, it has to intervene in the media

Echo TV was in fact the center of Fidelity's mental strength: Laszlo Kövér, the Speaker of the House, spoke about Nazi times in connection with gender, and in the media he has to draft legislation and political support in literature.

László Kövér compared sexism with the popular science & # 39; from the Nazis. With reference to publicist Bálint Botond of the home speaker, the discipline of gender research, which for many years has not been approved by ELTE and CEU, is no better than the eugenics aimed at promoting the genre – quotes

The House Speaker believes that it is interesting for morality that those who maintain their institution in public terms think that no one should account for what the source is used for, stupidity or even "anti-social". experiments or what they have received. Autonomy does not mean that academics or educators are out of the reach of society; if it is "extremism," such as introducing graven science into formal education, "it must" be abandoned, "added Kövér, accusing his own government.

In his interview with Fat on August 20, he also spoke about the fact that there are people who are not academically qualified to do so, but have decided before 1990 that they should avoid them.

You have to intervene in higher education, in the media

László Kövér, who first tried to clarify the idea of ​​cultural self-determination, was asked: the idea of ​​cultural self-determination is that a community itself determines what kind of value system it wishes to follow for future generations, and this mass media also includes public and higher education. . He added that he also needs legislative intervention in all these areas. What he understood, which is unclear, however, he spoke with great contempt about commercial television, he said, for the past twenty years his commercial TV's thrown unlimited in the audience's throat.

He replied to the literature question: "We have not forbidden works, writers," but the communists who came to power after 1948 and maintained the canon from 1990 onwards, after which certain writers who had ever been recognized, were excluded.

If we are in the past, keep in mind that László Kövér worked at the Department of Youth Research of the Social Sciences Institute of the Central Committee of the MSZMP in 1986 and then spent a year studying Central European social movements with a Soros- MTA scholarship.

The biography of the home speaker is available here. According to Kövér, "in our thinking we can find Lajos Nagy Parti and Péter Esterházy", there are people who regard them as a great poet, writer, who does not. The speaker said: it creates the possibility that everyone can choose from the bookshelf on the basis of existing values ​​to rearrange the table. However, he believes that no external intervention is possible without the political effort to create equal opportunities.

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