Gergely Gergely would now have a left-wing EP list

Gergely Gyergyék had the grip of MSZP-Prbeszd, three weeks ago he said he could be a boss-master, but yesterday, he was in career career in Brussels. Hiteltelensg tops.

The Prbeszd trselnke told Hr TV that that was the case a leftist conspiracy leads to an Eurasian parliamentary list. He made sure that one of the leftists did not negotiate this and that he could go to the agenda at the earliest. He said that if he came with a listener, then in the room with the bunk bed, the socially friendly people would be one of them. "I really believe in a social Europe, I really believe in socialist democracy in Hungarian and Eurasian distribution, and we can do a campaign at a certain level that can spell these socialist crises, and the criticism of the current mood of the European Union is not hiding, I think that such a tpus camp must be done by the Hungarian left party, "said the politician.

Gergely Karossz is logged in at Eurp?Fot: Polyk Attila – Origo

The politician did not keep the list. The delegates of the parliament were elected by the MSZP-Prbeszd list and the name could be read, and the prime minister's spokesman. With a small lead the handcuffs are out and they can barely prt. To jump. The politician chewed like our minister wanted to be, the parliamentary delegation did not survive, stayed in Zugl ln. it is a good thing that if you run a left EP list and get a mandate in Brussels, you would make a career in the Eurasian field.

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The politician announced yesterday that he is surprised, because it was only about three months since the boss went to the ATV where he said the following could be started:

I can say whether there is a political agreement that has its foundation.At the same time, he did not think he would be a boss. It was difficult to understand this, because it had a slight footprint on the other side.

Each sign suggests that the failure of Prilisi was not in favor of the politician, in one form or another we can resume it in Hungarian politics.

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