György Lőrinczy, vice president of NKA, resigned

Miklós Kásler, minister of the Hungarian Times on Saturday, spoke about the change in the head of the National Cultural Fund. Origo asked György Lőrinczy, vice president of NKA.

György Lőrinczy, Director General of the Budapest Operetta Theater, expires in February and says he will submit his application for the next period. As far as the position of NKA is concerned, he told Origo:

– I met a personal minister. The vice-chairmanship of the National Cultural Fund is a question of trust in the current minister. That is why I partly submitted my resignation to the Minister for the part of the competition for the position of Director General of Opera Theater and because of my university education activity, which was so important to me and for a time not attending. Minister thanked my work and accepted my reasons for my resignation. Anyway, I still participate in the organization of the NKA 25 Festival that I organized and organized in September. Of course I do my duties to the appointment of my successor.

According to our information, Minister Miklós Kásler personally met György Lőrinczy, accepted the reasons for his resignation and thanked for his work while acknowledging his merits.

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