Hard cash can be paid by the students for the apartment

There are more subfunctions, but more expensive than last year.

Through acquisitions of investors, this year almost 10 percent more rental properties will be available for students after the end of July, but the prices have also increased in the same order of magnitude, according to the Friday edition of NTIpszava from MTI.

According to the analysis of property.com, the average rent per month HUF 150,000 per month in Budapest, but this depends largely on the floor area and the location. For example, a garage of less than 40 square meters can be purchased for 120 thousand forints per month, for a panel of equivalent 110 thousand forints.

In Debrecen the suites are on average 80,000 HUF per month, and larger apartments are advertised for 100 thousand forints. In the small apartments in Szeged the average monthly rent is 74 thousand forints and for larger 100 thousand forints. Less than 40 square meters in Pécs can be rented for an average of 85,000 HUF per month, and for larger houses students can pay a monthly fee of 106,000 HUF.

You can still save on price negotiation, as shown in this article.

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