He leaves Brex in the Hungarian budget for tzmillirds

August 22, 2018 13:56

The British government is not expected to pay the British Corps's fine to the United Kingdom in 2021, referring to the summons of the Vilgagyasgazdasg from the Pnzgyminisztrium.

This country will be financed by Hungary in 2004 and by the year 2017 almost 250 billion forint have been released this year. Approximately 22 millisons go to the island "tmogatsra", with the British eurpai unis tagged in 2019 in mrcius, the end of the time period can lie dormant from the Hungarian costs.

The United Church of Great Britain started in 1984 with the insolvency of the summit. The UK was then charged with the unis costs of the economy.

The bill has a size of about t millions, the paid GNI (gross national income) – the European Commission shares a fairly complicated budget on the basis of the member states.

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