He really got a few tens of millions of dollars while students made free furniture for the Pető Institute

The staff of the Budapest University of Technology have long been informed anonymously by Ákos Hadházy, the former LMP politician, that he received tens of millions of HUF for the work of the university for social work, paid for work and not for the workers. Now this seems to be justified by the transparent article.

The Pető Institute needed furniture for special needs, and EMMI gave the job to BME where they had planned and prepared them.

They did this in social work, including students, and did not hope for a noble goal. Later, however, it turned out that the EMMI referred to BME for 10 million forint for the work that they did not see at all, and this was difficult to process.

– they wrote to Hadhry. EMMI also knew that the politician had given 9.9 million forint, but landed with a nameless external expert. The then state secretary at the time was László Palkovics, now Minister.

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