He shot the dog of his neighbor and the video that produced the product fell away

With an illegal weapon he shot his neighbor with his dog through a nosy man. His neighbor called the police who found other illegal things in his house.

The dog entered the man's yard on Saturday, shooting the animal. The owner of the dog found blood traces in his husband's house, so he called the police who found the animal's body in the garden.

Source: Police.hu

He did not deny that he had shot him, but claimed that he had been shot with a gun, but the dog's injuries referred to a firearm. The police were looking for a search warrant various unauthorized rifles and ammunition, as well as dried cannabis in an outhouse, boxes and bags. Then the police checked the man's garden, where 29 hemp was found on the back.

The police have seized the plants, the content of their active substance is currently being investigated by experts. The man was shot by a firearm for abuse, possession of drugs and animal torture.

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