He started to entertain himself with Bogcs, not a little boy at home

The police command of Mezkvesdi has made clear on the website of the police that the population can help with the disappearance of 13 villages.

On August 17, 2018 Slyrl began to entertain himself with Bogcs, but he did not go home and did not give a seed.

Olh DezsForrs: Police.com

It can be destroyed, the 13-year-old Olh Dezs krlbell

156 centimeters high, a spark of body shape, laziness, weighed 50 kg,

straight hair, which is 5 centimeters long, the side and the tibia are shortened.

In the meantime he wore black mints, feathers, turtle doves and mints with red ribbon.

The police officers are afraid that someone who goes somewhere reports.

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