He stopped talking about a pram and he was lifted up against him

He turned his head to a whip that had slipped from a pram and then drove off the road in Szentendre in October 2016.

In Pest County, Ferenc Szabó, he wanted to get out of the car, but he did not pick up the stroller and walked over there.

The time of the tragedy was n slvd, and then 18 mter de tra zuhan, the stroller was repacked with this baby's baby, 17, he came to his wheels with fever and then became obsessed.

The mother wore a jacket and the stroller was orangeForrs: Budakrnyki Jrsi gyszsg

In the accident the mother suffered slyosls, the child did not fall in love with the beautiful man.

According to kzlemny the mother wore a ruched jacket and the stroller was colored orange.The price of ethanol concentration was up to a quarter of a size, "he said.

The deceased drove away after the accident, he returned to the place on foot and caused the accident, with the police officers recognizing the sight of the eyeballs and taking care of them.

As he walked back, he tried to get rid of itForrs: MTI / Mihdk Zoltn

The problem is that the fritoris causes a cunning physical condition in a drowned drink with a fallen lump, as well as with a helpless omission, which harms the bartender.

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