He was interested in Hungarian and successful neighbors

Hungary was interested in successful and successful neighbors – said Gergely Gulys, Minister of Foreign Affairs, during the Hungarian days in Kolozsvár.

Gulys stated: Hungary would find it if the kzp-eurpai trsg was good.

Gergely GulysForrs: MTI / Mnus Mrton

He exclaimed that the Hungarian language is most used in household affairs, which is not enough to make the cheese completely political.He did not think he should be treated by leaders of non-governmental organizations, but with "slander and sovereignty over the heads of the country," but he does not think this should change the spirit of Hungarian national politics.

The minister said: the task of the Hungarian government is to support the beginning of the new era.The government can only support the Hungarian days of Kolozsvár, started on the Iron Day, can not organize it. It is always from the rendezvous that what a similar mentality is associated with a similar event – he did.

Grizzly Gulys wrote: they can not accept that Romnia has changed the advantage of the Hungarian expansion of the Hungarian economic development program. He called Relis to announce the economic development program in early 2019.

it will be an important task for the uninterrupted grammar school during the period when the European Parliament is dominated by politicians.

Hungary is always right when one of the countries that have joined the EU comes out of the line – Gergely Gulys informed.

However, it has led to the fact that the EP elections can reduce in the period in the community because everyone looks at the voksols.

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