Here are the most important dtums for this year's tutor

Nowadays there is a growing number of hospitals in the world and the campus of 2018/2019 starts running almost every year. The length of the tan was unchanged, the tanks were fine.

The government continuously improves the training of teachers, this year, this year, more than 190 billion forint this year, the pedagogues, however, learn the content of the training, "said IX National Council Miks Ksler, Minister of Human Resources in Esztergom.

At the beginning of the year, all costs for the salaries are high because of the school curriculum When they reached this, they joined the losers, almost 1.2 million were eligible for the rewards and thousands more.

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Minister Gergely Gulys, Minister of the Interior, said: you come to the 9th class for reservoirs free of charge – more than a thousand fold – with the 6.000 billion forint in 2013, the SLC Tankdown Book.

On Tuesday the last packages with bundles of the basic packages came to the school, with a total of 12.5 milliliter reservoirs in the lessons of less than a week. Bence Regie, Emmi's parliamentary secretary, said that every school had guaranteed tanks for the September curriculum, adding: with the 12.5 milliliters of cardboard, 8.5 billion in the development of the llami, the release of the small magnum.Also, the rommel tank system in the past, since 2010, will more often ignore the releases. They offer more modern, more streamlined reservoirs for the worshipers.

Third class tanks of the XVI. in the Klcsey Ferenc Literary SchoolForrs: MTI / Kovcs Tams

She stated: In the following there are about 900 textbooks, workbooks and snuffers, and a complete tank development program was launched.

For the free or cheap work in the school, the number of employees was 38 billion forint and more than 72 millisons.
There is a continuation of the gymnasium and the development of the gym, which in 26 places includes a kindergarten and 20 gyms, including 8 complete j schools, 20 are bvl, and a school is complete reconstruction.

There is no change in the length of the tantus v, on September 3, 2010 will be the last day of Tantis on 14 June 2019, pegken.

According to the schedule of daily education, there are sixty-five days in the mkd specialty course in seventy-nine, in gym, in the technical school and in the vocational school.
The first edition of Tantis runs until 25 January 2019.

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The deadline is October to October 29, from December 27 to January 2, 2019."Pnz7" will be held on February 25, 2019, and will be held in the school on Wednesday, March 18, 22, on digitlis tmaht prilis 8. s prilis 12. kztt.

Spring snapshot runs from 18 to 23, mg speakers for foreign languages ​​in rs are organized on mice 22. The provincial madam becomes mommy 29.

The rsdi exam in the country is 3-24, and the increased level of oral exams is from 5 to 13 June a regular exam will take place on 17 and 28 June.

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