His eyes are on the street in Budapest, there is not enough flower

There the residents no longer know what selective waste is, because the used cages are full because the wicker car did not come to them. There are residents who complained to RTL News that they have not taken the waste for weeks. Other people do not dare to take their full bunks off the streets because they do not know when the bloody carriage is coming.

There are households that do not even try to get selective waste into the trash, but they collect in separate bags and put them in front of the house.

The maintainer of the Budapest Public Space asks the residents to understand their site. According to the company, 10 districts are delayed by removing selective waste because they do not have enough employees. There are more than 100 vacancies at the FKF and there are not enough people in a job to waste money. As the company says, they are constantly looking for candidates and try to fill a shortage as quickly as possible.

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