Hungarian victories in the watercourse of the kayak canoe in the city

After the pre-race, in the middle and after the final, the Polish Marta Walczykiewicz and Sándor Tótka were on top of the podium, while the Russians Oleszja Romasenko and Georgian Zaza Nadiradze won the kayak. The mixed race of kayaks was won by Márka Balaska and Réka Hagymási.

"I was not prepared for this race unless we had the last three-day national championship", Sándor Tótka Sándor Tótka quoted as co-organizer of the website of the Hungarian Kayak-Kano Federation. "Although the water was unconscious, it almost looked like a swamp, but the proximity and mood of the public gave me a huge boost, especially from the 100 meter sprint."

He added that he believes this race is a super initiative, because it brings those who are interested closer to the sport, who do not go out for a kayak race anyway.

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