Hungary was the last in the list of pensioners

Hungary is the last in the list of what it is like to live in a particular country, says A maximum of 100 points have been reached: as long as Hungary has only 23, Norway 65.

The Aging Society Index ranked 18 countries in the following terms:

  • what are the chances for the elderly to contribute to society, what is the participation rate of people over 65, the number of volunteer hours and what informal learning opportunities they have,
  • what is the quality of life for the elderly by examining the life expectancy and satisfaction of people over 50,
  • how old is the poverty percentage or the food security,
  • what is the relationship between the older and the younger generations, what kind of feelings the younger ones are feeding the older generation,
  • What kind of income, they have pension.

According to this he is the best in Norway to be a pensioner, second in Sweden and third in the United States. Hungary scored 23 points in the final.

Featured image: MTI Photo / Balázs Attila

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