I have six months to go to the vacancies

in the coming period, the employer divisions, the former employers' offices, are busy integrating the labor market, in the Hungarian Idk, in the labor market, in the labor market and in working life.

Bod Sndor, the Pnzgyminisztrium, said that the international system of practices that had been taken into account was halted in the provinces of Hajd-Bihar and Szabolcs-Szatmr-Bereg and that the alignment was extended to the whole country.

The first class of the work classes is the result of an example program, which is covered by a professional partner coordinated by the National Employer & # 39; s Nonprofit Ltd. (OFA) and an authorized contractor. The sample program starts in the second.

The secretary said the system would be successful if the current expansion of the country's capital amounted to 50,000 or more on the primary labor market, to the macroeconomic base.

In the national system special emphasis would be placed on the requirements of the work load, the offices of the provincial and provincial offices and the business community have a lot of contact. It is not important to uplift your potential workers, to develop them so that the nerds are scratched or the assistants in the selection.

For the newcomer working on the class, there is also a workforce to work on and the role of the gyranzk. An integral system is an important element of the current balance, which can be promoted by the emergence of a short period of practical, practical business education, taking into account international practices.

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