If elections were to take place, DK and LMP would not be in parliament?

If elections were to take place, DK and LMP would not be in parliament?

Neither the Democratic Coalition nor the LMP would be in parliament if the elections were at the moment, according to the Publicus Institute survey. Andrew Pulai, the director of the Institute, said that the support of the parties has declined since April, the LMP has voted to vote, and DK said its existence was questioned after the election.

Halfway through August there was a last beach holiday or a long weekend in Lake Balaton, where the flame, cold refreshment and the triangle of the beach play the leading role. But even in this great heat there were 998 people who chose the Publicus Institute to ask who they would vote for when they were in parliamentary elections.

The Fidesz is still scorching, followed by MSZP and Jobbik, then LMP and DK. The last two were not as good at the investigation, as the elections were at the moment, their politicians would not be in parliament.

András Pulai, managing director of the Publicus Institute, said: "The existence and legitimacy of the DK was questioned during the elections, because it was their promise to bring new voters to the opposition camp, and the left opposition party no new voters. had collected in the order of magnitude up to 4 years ago ".

The politician of the Democratic Coalition said that they have not dealt with this survey. Zsolt Gréczy added: "This is the same Publicus Institute that gave the Népszava in Újpest and Angyalföld free before the elections in April and tried to persuade voters not to vote for László Varju, but to vote for a former Socialist MP who already resigned from the Newly Owned Organization of the MSZP of course the goal was to see László Varju, the company that has now shown that DK will not win. "

Kanasz Nagy Máté told our newsletter that the own data and surveys of the LMP by other opinion polls do not show what Publicus has now shown: "Of course there are institutions, there are opinion polling companies that work with different methodologies, I do not know the methodology of This institute, but this institute also shows that there is a stable camp of 250-300.000 for the LMP, which keeps it on fire water, and that is enough to achieve more than 5% in an election situation ".

Publicus' research also showed that party support has declined since April and that the number of uncertain voters has increased.


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