President János Áder, in Sándor Palace, gave recognition to a specialist who has ideas for birth promotion. For example, it would give the children the right to vote.

Each year the Hungarian St. Stephen's Order is awarded to excellent Hungarians who, through their talents and their work, their possessions and zeal, find their own way in their own way – the head of state said to the transferee: Pál Demény, population researcher and demography , got the prize this year. According to the president of the republic, Demény has tried to answer his entire life that the most personal decision of man, the creation of a family and how to have a child grows in a larger community: a group of people, a nation, a continent, a historic era.

János Áder said that the broad experiences of Pál Demény clearly show that only the nation has a future that has a sensible view on the birth of the children whose parents sincerely desire and who are the survivors of the community.

He stressed that Pál Demény possessed a wealth of scientific careers in his achievements and recognitions: "today confronts himself with the truly ancient Europe". His question is that Europe survives many catastrophes, in the age of peaceful prosperity that is longer than ever before and in larger numbers, loses its reproductive capacity and slowly counts itself, "said the head of state.

"If Europe wants a different future for its descendants, the time of action can not be postponed long enough," János Áder quoted the eminent and summoned one of Pál Demény's writings, adding that the sustained and rapid loss of population in the end resembled a "collective national and civilization suicide."

The President of the Republic thanked Pál Demény for & # 39; to this day, with the facts of science, to warn us: we do not only measure our decisions with emotions, political or economic benefits in the short term. ; His work is proof of the fact that the population of science can give policy makers the objectives and arguments, "said János Áder, who asked the renowned international authority to continue helping science and politics to combine the common good. serve.

Individual decisions are in accordance with the general interest

"I am proud and happy to receive the honor, but in my own time the personal feelings that inspired this great privilege are only subordinate to what I find important, the hope that recognition will draw the attention of the Hungarian public. to the demographic problems of the country, especially inadequate birth rates, "Pál Demény told MTI after the award ceremony.

He says, although there is much talk about this statistic nowadays, the change of population is hardly noticeable every year. "Maintaining the status quo, however, will lead to a demographic decline that will lead to national destruction in the long term," he said.

As you said, the number of births is the result of individual decisions and the freedom of decision is a fundamental, indisputable personal right. At the same time, all these decisions must be in accordance with the public interest. "Creating this is a task for the population policy." Hungary, in a European comparison, generously supports families, increases the preference for young people and the chance that the children want and become healthy, well-educated adults, "emphasizes the demographer.

Absolute suggestions

Pál Demény mentioned an important task to promote child-friendly cultural change, to further increase financial support and to put the new instruments on the agenda to increase the efficiency of institutions needed to achieve this goal. "More than half a century of my scientific work, of my PhD program from Princeton in 1964, I have worked to promote this," said the specialist, who mentioned three unorthodox proposals that encouraged births, as well as general political and ethical arguments supported.

"One of the

  • would give every citizen the right to vote, regardless of age. The right to vote for minors would be exercised by their mother or, in rare cases, their foster parent.
  • Another of my suggestions would restore the existing relationship between the traditional safety of older people in traditional societies and the economic performance of the children who were brought up.
  • My third suggestion would be the creation of a fully supported motherhood for families with many children "

He explained it.

According to the demographers, these reforms have been time-consuming and if Hungary would lead the implementation, it would be the model for many other countries with low fertility, especially in Europe.

As said: "Demographic marginalization of Europe will inevitably persist throughout the world in the 21st century, which is inevitable, it is unnecessary to express regret." The main task of Europe – as in Hungary – is to stop the demographic descent and thereby ensure the long-term stability of the population, depending on the vitality of the population. If there is political courage and will there is the goal available, "he said.

Pál Demény is a demographer, an economist, an ex-member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, former professor at the University of Hawaii, a former senior research fellow at the New York Population Council, the founder and former editor of Population and Development Review .

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