In Hungary: the dream of Orbán can be realized with the transformation of Corvinus

They have always considered the Corvinus University of Budapest as a home for neoliberal economy, so it is no wonder that after the change of government in 2010 Fidesz's eyes were dug for a long time by the former customs office. They have taken up several times to make it impossible, to break, or at least to get it. Eventually the latter succeeded them in 2016, when one of the ideologues of Viktor Orbán, the founder of the Századvég conglomerate, András Lánczi became the rector of the university. the György Matolcsy the Hungarian National Bank under the leadership of the Hungarian National Bank was at that time in-house, the Corvinus was established by the MNB as its current central bank department. (Many say that Matolcsy had to enter the institution to escape the institution.)

MNB department at Corvinus University in April 2016.


After the redemption comes the whole "renovation". The university is being transformed from the Personnel Department to the Innovation Portfolio and then to a public foundation as planned and at the end of the trip it becomes a private university. has spoken with several corvinous instructors and students over the past few days. Little is known about the specificities, but our interlocutors agree that a private university can place Matolcsy University in Kecskemét, the center of unorthodox economic policy. If the number of students falls on Corvinus, the number of students named after János Neumann, previously referred to as Pallas Athena, will be reduced, while Corvinus as a primary school (together with the state, there will be performances at the university such as Mol and OTP). partly, but stands for the term private universe) can be the place for the dream of Orbán, he has been a business school in Hungary for many years, but also in English.

I have not talked to György Matolcsy for years, but I know that he would like to help the institution to remain the stronghold of Hungarian economic education and to become even better. The vision of our two is met here. I have a mandate for three years and I can not be re-elected. In the meantime, you can not do any miracle, but indications can be given.

Lánczi said in a portrait interview with HVG in May 2016 after he had been elected rector, and the new directions seem to have been set.

András Lánczi, Rector


It is hard to believe, our sources are also doubtful, but at the university they try to make the Corvinus transformation seem like a bottom-up process of listeners. In fact – as it is 168 hours also reported – at the end of the summer a Facebook community, the students for the new Corvinus, was almost completely re-created. According to the founders of the group, the university does not offer competitive education in economics and business that they want to change.

It is close to the wheel To kiss says that the group is the Fazer-close Mathias Corvinus Collegium – the founder of MCC András Tomborwho is that As Bony creditor, and your company has previously purchased Mandiner's exploitation rights – in August it was a no-brainer camp, there was no less demand than "do not have to go abroad for a world-class business training." One participant said at the time that the whole conversation about the renewal was so profitable that it could not happen spontaneously, it was safe, all in the same way as a well written and approved script. The claim was that the university should be more free of state and that the leadership should listen to the students.

Better life

Shortly thereafter, Corvinus alumni also wrote the reform requirements for Mandiner. Self-sufficiency, because only then can innovation and efficiency come about, increase the budget and increase wages. "Competitive education depends on competing instructors, but this is impossible if the university is not able to offer wage levels in the private sector," wrote the author who also demanded bilingual education. At the end of August, a member of the Reformed Corvinus students, Sajti Kontor, wrote that they were going to do their work to "give more Hungarian students the chance, higher education, pay, live a better life".

Márton Barta, a few days ago at the strategic director of Corvinus University in Budapest portfoliosaid that the Corvinus renewal period has been going on for years, and the guiding principle is that the quality of the training and the knowledge of the students entering the labor market is constantly rising. It is not known how independent he is from the student group, he talks about bilingual, real international universities.

Barta thinks that if everything goes well and "we can go further in the areas where we want it, it can be said that by the end of the next decade Corvinus will be 100 of the world's top 200 universities in Europe. This would be a central European leader. "He then spoke about moving the number of students per student to 20 instead of the number that is now almost 30. One of our sources, an instructor, said that more than a year after the year more than 3,500 storks were admitted to the university this summer, if they really wanted to improve the quality of education, the Corvinus would be closer to the elite consensus must be found ".

Strategic goals, new perspectives

After the press had picked up the cause of the Corvinus reorganization, the university sent a letter to all its citizens, in conditional mode, but wrote that if the decision was made, "the educational and research activities of the university would be in a more conformal form. be freer and more flexible. "In any case, the institution welcomes the intentions of the government. Fewer students and world-class goals, but the expected changes do not affect the university unit, the university will "continue to work in economics, social sciences and business". They promise that they will not be a profitable institution, but that they are committed to provide free access to learning opportunities, services to students and scholarships, and programs for building talent (especially student organizations and academic colleges).

At the beginning of the new school year, a group of people with a renewed interest and a Lánczi appeared at the event. He was told that a rector should be conservative, he should govern the existing structures and the Hungarian universities are in many ways very difficult to move, like a kind of socialist enterprise. The teacher's salary increase would be in line with performance and income. You can not do a university that the trainers have 3-4 jobs at the university, but not every second student studies.

There is great external pressure, and there is a lot of recognition from within: in order to move, there must be political will, economic plans and the inner culture change when a university is working

– said Lánczi, who received the eight-pointed claim from the group.

The demands of the student group are not new, because a few years there is a firm intention to give Hungarian higher education a much more favorable path – Pavlik LíviaChancellor of Corvinus said. The event was there László György The state secretary who is responsible for the strategy of economy and regulation of the Ministry of Innovation (temporarily the university), who is also assistant professor at the ELTE Institute of Economics, says that the government wants a system in which there is competition everywhere, such as higher education is also present. In other words:

it is up to the government to create conditions in which universities can compete for the best students and thus achieve the best results.

Mol and OTP

No small surprise at the event Zsolt Hernádi, the president and CEO of Mol. A participating Corvinus student said that the businessman was as homely as the university campus, as if he were coming home. Hernádi said that he needed competitive, language-oriented students on the labor market. According to the manager, Hungarian companies are constantly in need of high-quality knowledge and can obtain it first from Hungarian universities.

The appearance of Hernádi can be considered as planned, as stated in 168 hours When the Ministry of Innovation handed over Corvinus real estate and other assets to a public foundation, Mol and OTP would be published, alongside the state, these companies would join the foundation. The SEED School for Executive Education and Development was founded in 2014 with founding companies such as OTP and MOL. Here they focus primarily on the needs of Central and Eastern European companies and offer leadership training programs & part-time MBA training courses.

Interesting is that Viktor Orbán had dreamed a business school six years ago with English business education. A year ago we wrote that there will be nothing in the whole, although the Mol 2015 project summary indicated that the institution would be among the top 30 business schools in Europe within five to ten years.

Here is the private school, Orbán, an English speaking business school

"A Corvinus teacher summarized, who, in his own words, did not receive official information from the university, just collected" pieces of the puzzle ".

On Wednesday, the government decided Corvinus, from June 2019 to a foundation for the establishment of a state, the university will be the manager of the innovation portfolio. "The government will send a fortune to the foundation." (There is a decision on how much this amount will be, but this is not what the minister told him to hear from the hundreds of billions of dollars.)

The institution therefore has more freedom, the aim is to get Corvinus internationally at the 200 best universities. Gulyás said Thursday at the Governing Council that existing student relations are not affected by the current change and that the government is in principle not planning to reduce the number of students in Corvinus. At the same time, the goal of the university is to reduce the teaching load so that fewer students can get a teacher. The cabinet chief spoke briefly about changing the current ratio between paid and unpaid (now citizens of the State, later Corvinus grants).

For the time being, there is no plan to introduce this model to another institution.

It is in Matolcsy

All this can be done by the Neumann János University in Kecskemét. (A detailed article on the relationship between György University and Matolcsy wrote in the summer of Hungarian orange.) The first phase of the I investment project is expected to expire at the end of June 2019, now at $ 13.1 billion. Experts estimate the total cost of 40 to 50 billion, and the fact that there is sufficient economic training in Hungary and therefore the investment in Kecskemét is useless in this form.

The new campus of the Neumann János University in Kecskemét, on November 22, 2017.


The university, financed entirely by public funds through the Pallas Athena Foundations of the National Bank of Hungary, started its autumn studies in the autumn of 1361, but this number will increase in the future, according to experts. Many of our university teachers have drawn attention to the fact that Matolcsy University is not only a public pump, but also a brain drain. The economic faculty, established in 2016, has in fact signed a full BME teaching staff, almost 30 professionals have moved their head office from one economic to another.

There is already a trainer, there will also be students, those who would like to come to Corvinus but try to drive them to Kecskemét because of the staff reduction

A Corvinus instructor from the Faculty of Business said. "There will be no shortage of creative methods," he added.

(We are looking for Corvinus on this subject, his Communications Directorate has just said it, it does not comment on press releases, it will give you specific information.)

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