In the form of a storm the cooling comes and an alarm is issued

August 25, 2018, 19:52

Due to heavy thunderstorms and downpours, they also warned the western parts of the country.

The National Meteorological Service warns that rainfall is expected in the wider region of Transdanubia and the Northern mountain range. Drilled through the wind, excessive wind speeds up to 80 km / h and large ice formation can occur.

In the late hours of the evening in the southwest there is a widespread thunderstorm, which shifts to the northeast at night. Different places of intense rainfall (10-40 mm), stormy winds (50-90 km / h), sometimes large ice can be expected. On Sunday, during the day, the Tisza region is particularly prominent, the northeast is expected to become even more intense, with occasional heavy rainfall activity. Wind speeds up to 90 km / h are likely to occur here. Late in the east, even thunderstorms can gradually disappear.

On Sunday, the strongest wind gusts in the northwest wind in Transdanubia reach 70-75 km / h in the 60-65 seconds, mainly in the Transdanubian Range and in the Balaton region, and then the wind can be lost late in the evening. Near Zemplén, Bodrogköz, late afternoon hours can also cause thunderstorms (regardless of thunderstorms) the north-easterly wind.

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