Index – Domestic – Because of your phone you hit the knee of a man in the crowd

He was robbed and shattered a middle-aged man knee in the seventh district of Budapest. The culprit under the age of thirty has run away. The victim was later rescued at the Fiumei Road Accident Surgery, where he was immediately made, writes 24th.

On Monday night he went to a friend of his acquaintance and was attacked on his way home on Kazinczy Street the next morning.

Tuesday morning I went to Kazi Street at half past two to Király Street when they walked to Wesselényi with great force, they were thrown to the floor and my phone was kidnapped. It took a while. One of them picked up my mobile, intercepted the other two companions and ran away. My left knee was twice as high and I was injured in several places

the man who first went home and the police told his house a few hundred meters

The police arrived to call an ambulance and immediately to the hospital. "I had bruises and injuries, so I was scanned in several places and my left knee was broken, so it was immediately cut away, but on my hip and wrist I got rid of bruises." "I got a lymphoid, so I was released from the hospital on Friday," said the deprived man, whose doctors predicted six weeks of recovery time.

The BRFK has been commissioned to investigate an unknown act due to alleged looting. The deceased man and the police are looking for witnesses for effective investigation.

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