Index – Domestic – Gergely Christmas would take the lead-list at the request of EP

He would become President of the European Parliament's list of a left party alliance, Gergely Karácsony, co-chair of the dialogue.

This was the Christmas news from TV News. However, Mayor of Zuglo said that for the time being he has not negotiated with one of the parties on the left, and the subject may be on the agenda early in the fall.

Gergely Karácsony said that if I asked him for a list leader, social issues would be one of the most important topics in the campaign.

I believe very much in social Europe, I really believe in the spread of social democracy in Hungary and in Europe and I would like to support a campaign at every level that has these social issues under control and the criticism of the current functioning of the Does not hide the European Union.

I think that such a campaign would be worthwhile to leave a Hungarian, "said Christmas.

The statement would be too early to be interpreted as being that everything would have come to an end. There is no formal decision (although very likely) that MSZP and Dialogue will start on a common list. Moreover, Christmas did not speak of an MSZP dialogue, but of a list of left-wing alliances.

There are no discussions about the EP leader list on the MSZP forums, so it is expected that there will be candidates and self-proclaimers in the next period.

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