Index – Domestic – He shot the dog of his neighbor in a man in Békés

A shooter without permission killed the dog of his neighbor, a man in Békés County Medgyesbodzás on Saturday; Drugs were also found during the investigation, MTI writes about police information.

The animal entered the courtyard of the unknown and shot it down. The police officer was informed by the owner of the dog after finding blood samples for his house. The police found the carcass of the puppy in the garden.

The 46-year-old man did not deny that he had shot the animal, but claimed that he was using air guns. But the dog's injury led the police to conclude that the man could have a firearm at home.

In search of the house, researchers confiscated weapons and ammunition without permission, as did cannabis dried in boxes and bags in an outbuilding. 29 hemp grow from a densely populated tree in the back of the garden. Researchers have confiscated the stems and the dried plants and their medicine content has been tested by experts.

The police station Mezőkovácsházi started a procedure against the man with the use of a firearm or ammunition for abuse, possession of drugs and suspicions of suspicions of animals.

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