Index – Domestic – Lotto is generally owned by an entire village in Western Hungary

According to the RTL Club report, the 2014 population of Győrújfalu is lotto together and the price is spent on the development of the settlement.

According to the report, the idea of ​​the mayor tells us that the system works as follows. If the prize winner reaches 1 billion forint, you can enter the flower of 500 forints per person, and if there are 2 or 3 hits, the money will be given to the village, but if you have four or five, money will be divided among each other.

Until now they only had four, they won two million forintjes, each of which 15,000 forint. This year almost two hundred and fifty thousand forints of the two and three-piece coupons came to the settlement and they decided to vote on that amount and eventually the playground was taken out of the money, but the country had already financed the spotlight.

The village is also a lotto to make many choices from the 70s and 11 previously chosen songs, which they do every week in different combinations. In the "NewcastleLOTT", usually 70 to 80 families are regularly involved.

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