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For sexual coercion, the police are looking for an 18-year-old Afghan refugee Sarhadi Bilal Ahmad, suspected of sexually abusing a woman at sunrise at a fast-food sink. According to the leaked news, a Venetian viceroy was the location, and the pro-government media also knew that the fact was committed in the restaurant of the "Tibi Father", a man who was looking for two earlier cops in Budapest.

The police held a press conference on the issue, which turned out to be

she went to fast food in the fifth district in the early hours of the morning, and when she went to the laundry room, she followed her and forced her to "tolerate a sexual act." The man then fled the scene and the woman filed a lawsuit against the police.

We have asked the police if the case was really in the gossip that the media around the government are talking about, but they have not reacted so far.

There is no toilet

In the afternoon on Monday we looked at the scene where Ripost and Facts claimed that the crime had been committed. According to the facts, he only worked there for three days, but they wanted to kick him, and the owner of the fast food house was overwhelmed by the police.


while the police communication clearly mentions the fast-food sink.

Sarhadi Bilal Ahmad

Sarhadi Bilal Ahmad


In the giros is a door behind the counter, the staff that opens in the neighboring Fröccskocsma pub. There is a sink in the Fröccskocsm.

The man in the cafeteria asked what he heard about the matter, but said, "He just went to work here," but he did not hear much about the matter, and anyway, "we know what the press is, or we can migrate. " In the Ripost article, which claims that migrants work in the gyroscope, he replied that no one can be found, so they usually get those who come up.

Then we went to Fröccsterasz Pub. We learned from a lady who worked there that he was "guilty of making false accusations" about the case in the press, or that the pub was not open when the crime was committed. This police said it was around 3 o'clock at sunrise. On the side of the pub, every day at four o'clock in the afternoon, but we did not ask to join an official from the pub, and we did not succeed. Later we learned from another employee that the police had requested permission for the safety of Greece.

It soon became clear that the only door of the gyroscope was in the inside of the Fröccskocsma, and from there the washbasins were in the neighborhood. Because the pub is full of paternal design with Tibi, and the gurus on the wall are advertised with the photo of the drinking priest, it is assumed that there is an overlap between the two places.

Government media, including public media, on the cover page that Father Tibi embraced and was abused by a woman in their pub. In reality, however, the pub has nothing to do with the father of the Tibi father for years, but they have also been tried for trademark infringement, and the canteen never had anything to do with it. Another question is that they are not very public on this site, and in both places they have clearly answered that question as a simple curious guest, whether it is the guesthouse of Tibi's father and the father of Tibi, a gyroscope.

No father Tibi

The pub was never ours, we only worked on the market

– said Máté Tóth, managing director of Humbák Művek Kft., who deals with the father of Tibi, with the popular Facebook page, two other pubs in Budapest and one of the festivals this year. A blog post was written earlier and the Facebook page posted recently a message stating that it was never their restaurant, the pub where they for the last time sue for infringement of the trademark.

Father Tibi is not good at all

Despite the fact that Ripost and the other governmental pages claim that there is a foreign owner of the Giros according to the national trade register, none of the articles reveals that the Tibi father-in-law has no connection with the buffet, the tavern and the gyros. , is managed by another company. But in the governmental war of culture, so much disruption fits perfectly. Father Tibi, the 1.3 million followers, often wrote strong criticism of the government, last in the summer he went to one of the portals of Habony with half a dozen reactions, answers and other writings. The director of Humbák Művek Kft. Told me that they take legal action because of false press articles.

Tóth told us that they worked with the site before, but later they are divorced. Humbá Művek later opened two of his own pubs in Budapest, but the Fröccskocs were discarded by Google to Father Tibi & # 39; s Pub & # 39; and even the Gyros pub and staff have & # 39; yeah & # 39; answered our question

Is this the goddess of Father Tibi's dad, Tibi's father?

Finally the man swung the worktop with his head on a plate that giros 590 rumored. At the top of the board, Father Tibi, or rather a Reverend Stephen Valenta, inspired by the fictional character, was found guilty of a sexual offense committed against his own female relative and sentenced to five years in the United States. Valenta died in 2014, however.

The only problem is that this pub is not the Humpback Works, just like the gregor.

In connection with this, Tóth sent the Index a decision in the first instance that the Fröccskalma violated the trademark of Tibi Patriot. She later won the process. In the case of trademark infringement, it was first held that Fröccskortma infringed the applicant's trade mark of 214,326 and required the defendant to terminate the infringing conduct within 15 days and to prohibit further infringements. For this reason they were also obliged to pay the costs of 290 thousand forints at first instance.

Nevertheless, there is a Facebook page of the 5,000 Tibetan Father Tibetan Father, who was the last to be on March 15, 2017, and on the website of Fröccskocsma there is an icon on the domain, only on an empty page. click. Tóth has told us that they have been fighting for trademark infringement for a long time, and in vain have they been granted justice by the court, after a certain level they have tied their hands. As it turned out, the trademark is based on Valenta's photo and other pieces, but according to Hungarian law, the Tibi fathers can not sue the pub for advertising the photo of the American Reverend, because it can only be licensed given and the priest was in custody for four years he died. That's why many people believe that Father Tibi's pub is the Fröccshall, so he thinks that the gyroscope is also the restaurant of Tibi's father.

(Book cover: The Pub and Gyros in question – photo: István Huszti / Index)

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