Index – Domestic – Rockets shaken by fans on the fireworks of August 20 in Zánka

The police have started a procedure on August 20 on the fireworks of Zánka and missiles between viewers have injured two people according to the mayor's information, writes MTI.

The police told the MTI that the Balatonfüred police station had been prosecuted for negligent behavior in Zánka's fireworks. Miklós Filep, independent mayor of Zanka, said in the second to the third part of the fireworks of August 20 "apparently from the mistake of the entrepreneur" 4-5 petards from the launch point started horizontally on the waterfront and left towards Lake Balaton.

The 30-50 people in the area escaped from the area concerned and the lifeguard gave first aid to those who asked for it. According to the mayor's information, two of them suffered from burns that healed within eight days, and the ambulance was provided on the spot.

The mayor said that the municipality had previously designated the protection area controlled by the police and the police and the disaster protection, and that there was no one who complied with the notification requirement in accordance with the legislation in force. The fireworks were carried out by a contractor selected by a tender.

TV2 also reported on the incident: "Several people were burned when rockets rocked by spectators last night at Zánka's fireworks, a woman said her husband had taken a lamp, but her hair was burned, his little girl was on his forehead. glowing bullet on his ears, the fireworks were huge, everyone started to escape, there was a huge panic ", read the description below.

The mayor denied this and said that most people – thousands of people – did not detect events, "panic and escape wave, no huge crowds of people."

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